LS-DYNA®, LS-OPT®, LS-PrePost®
Applications & Capabilities


Distributed with LS-DYNA and without additional fees are LS-PrePost, LS-OPT, and LSTC's FE models. These products do not require license keys.

A 30-day demonstration license of LS-DYNA, LS-PrePost, LS-OPT is available for no fee and does include technical support from your local distributor.

LSTC  is committed to reducing customer costs by ensuring that LS-DYNA is the fastest and most scalable software available and by providing FEA models and peripheral software

–LS-DYNA dummy and barrier models
–LS-DYNA dedicated pre/post processing software
–LS-DYNA specific optimization software



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LSTC is actively working on the most challenging issues related to both hardware and software

LSTC’s innovations are well accepted by industrial users