LS-DYNA®, LS-OPT®, LS-PrePost®
Applications & Capabilities

LS-DYNA Pricing

 LSTC offers the following solution pricing complete with  LS-DYNA’s, fully integrated, strongly coupled, solvers for extensive multiphysics capabilities.  All are included, no add on fees.

    1.  Commercial Cores
    2.  Commercial Jobs
    3.  Educational per department 500 cores
    4.  Learning Version

 Annual, Paid Up, Monthly, Site Licenses

1.  Core Pricing:  Per Core pricing model. Run as
       many  jobs as you like up to the amount of cores

2.  Job Pricing:  Per job pricing model. The number
      of JOB licenses is the number of simultaneous
      JOBS allowed in execution.

3.  Educational:  Department License 500 cores.

4.  Learning:   12 months - 6 months  3 months
          One core   10,000 Elements
          Two cores 20,000 Elements

12 month Version is delivered with Getting Started with LS-DYNA


LSTC includes all their software in one price - no add on fees.   Annual, Paid Up, Lease monthly depending on what you need for your company, from large, medium, small, one person consulting.

A demo license is available: 30-day, no obligation to purchase so you have due diligence on your needs and a hands on way to get familiar prior to purchase (I just love demo's!)

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